The collection of waste is divided into two separate arrangements: collection and delivery.


Refuse is collected near your place of residence every week or every other week in accordance with the refuse collection calendar. The bin bags should be placed at the roadside in the morning of the collection day. The bags must be appropriately tied up and should have a manageable weight. Six different types of refuse is collected according to the following categories:

BIODEGRADABLE WASTE (two-layered watertight paper bag)

This bag is only for refuse which can be transformed into compost:

  • Leftovers, eggshells, bones, tea bags, ground coffee and coffee filters
  • food contaminated papers and cartons (flour, sugar and bread packaging, pizza boxes), napkins and paper towels
  • Plant waste, leaves, branches, fruit and vegetables
  • Pet waste
  • Small boxes and wrapping of cardboard or carton
  • Toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes

HOUSEHOLD PLASTICS (transparent plastic bag with ties)

This bag is only for plastic wrappings and protective packaging which can be recycled into new plastic material:

  • Bottles, cans, tins, bags and crates used for:
    • Food and beverages
    • Windscreen wiper fluids and detergents
    • Cosmetics and sanitary Products
  • Carrier bags and plastic wrappings
  • Flowerpots and trays for flowers and plants

NB! The items must be opened and emptied (rinsed))

READING MATTER (transparent plastic bag with ties)

This bag is only for paper which can be recycled into new newspapers:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Pamphlets and advertisements
  • Copying and drawing paper

DRINKING CARTONS (transparent plastic bag with ties)

This bag is for food and drink cartons which are to be recycled into paper:

  • Milk and cream cartons
  • Squash and juice cartons
  • Dessert and sauce cartons

NB! The cartons must be opened and emptied (rinsed)

RESIDUAL WASTE (black plastic bag with ties)

This bag is for waste for which there are no recycling arrangements:

  • Nappies and sanitary towels
  • Clothes and textiles which cannot be recycled
  • Trinkets and utility articles
  • Books, envelopes, letters, bilis and gift wrappings (Christmas wrappings)
  • Polystyrene and dirty packaging
  • Ovenproof dishes, mirror and window glass
  • Sets and cups of glass, crystal, porcelain, pottery and faience

NB! Sharp objects must be appropriately wrapped up


The waste must be delivered to the recycling bins or stations.


Unstaffed sites where you will find containers for glass and metal packaging, including aluminum foil (chicken roasting trays, cooking foil and metal candle containers). Generally, the recycling bins can be found near super markets.


Staffed reception sites for larger items, chattels, garden waste and hazardous waste. DIM has three recycling stations located centrally in every municipality. These three stations can be used by all of the population of the municipalitie

You can hand in:

  • Bulky items
  • EE-waste (Electronic and electrical equipment)
  • Light bulbs and batteries
  • Cartyres
  • Metal (also equipment with metal components)
  • Packaging (Carton, polystyrene, plastic, glass and metal)
  • Hazardous waste

Examples of hazardous waste:

  • Timber impregnated under pressure
  • Double-glazed windows containing PCB
  • Fluorescent tubes and energy-saving light bulbs
  • Car and boat batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries and micro batteries
  • Pesticides and insecticides
  • Solvents and acids
  • Paint, varnish and glue leftovers
  • Oil leftovers and oil filters
  • Cleaning and polish agents
  • Ship-bottom paint
  • Aerosol spray cans
  • Mercury thermometers

If you wish to find out more about sorting recyclable waste according to their source material, visit web site


You can order the collection calendar at our office (Svåheia avfallsplass) or one of the recycling stations. The day of collection depends on where you live.

The Collection calenders can also be found by following the links under:

Office Address:

Svåheia avfallsplass   –   Go to chart
Sokndalsveien 1165
4372 Egersund

Post Address:

Dalane Miljøverk AS
Sokndalsveien 1165
4372 Egersund

Phone: 51 464990

Telephone enquiries:

Lorries: 950 42 913 / 950 42 914 / 992 13 637
Vans: 950 42 910 / 950 42 911
Svåheia avfallsplass: 51 46 49 90

Grønn prikk  = Biodegradable Waste, Household Plastics and Drinking Cartons

blå firkant   = Reading Matter and Residual Waste

svart rombe   = Residual Waste


NB! On the day before a bank holiday and also 23. and 30. December the stations will be closed.

Tengsareid (Eigersund): Monday and Thursday 11.00-18.00   –   Go to chart

Rekeland (Sokndal): Tuesday 11.00-18.00   –   Go to chart

Vikesdal (Bjerkreim): Wednesday 11.00-18.00   –   Go to chart

Bins and bin liners can be purchased at the recycling stations.
NB! The bags must be tied up and put out in the morning on the day of Collection.